If you’re wondering how to get a flatter belly, try these things

If you’re wondering how to get a flatter belly, try these things

Constantly bolted and gassy  Feeling a bit grey inside? Loads of us live with stressed and guts and that’s having a serious impact on our day-to-day lives.With 1 in 5 Australians suffering from , millions of us are struggling with gut health

different foods a week

chicken salad for lunch, salmon and boiled potatoes for supper, noises good to us, but even the healthiest foods aren’t great for your gut if eat the same things day in and day out.

Check for emulsifiers in your non-dairy milk

If you’re cutting out dairy to help tackle swelling and stomach pain, you might want to check the label on that ‘healthy’ nut milk before you slosh it into your gruel.

Porridge for breakfast

As with alcohol, when it comes to gut health, not all nut milks are shaped equal with many brands of non-dairy milks adding emulsifiers to stop the milks separating.

Ditch the mouthwash

We’re encouraged to use anti-bacterial rinse to tackle bad breath and improve dental health but commercial mouthwashes hurt our oral flora and they’re not even great for teeth, according to some dentists, who say we need an excellently tuned balanced mouth.

Delay breakfast

Longer breaks between you meals can help your microbes (bacteria in the body). It’s suggested that we skip breakfast one or two days a week, or opt for a later Sunday brunch, to give your peptic tract a chance to renew.

Swap juice for real fruit

It hardly seems like the biggest health crime, but juicing isn’t great for gut health. The problem here is by juicing you are removing nearly all the fiber, which is exactly the thing we need for good bacteria to thrive.

Stop chewing gum

You might think it’s a quick way to freshen breath or even stave of hunger pangs, but your gum habit could be playing havoc with your peptic juices, leading to an over-production of stomach acid, says Healthiness’s nutritional director Rick Hay.

Go for a walk

Doctors tend to prescribe laxatives, but these can make the bowel lazy and could make constipation worse in the long run. You might also find physically needing stronger and stronger laxatives over time, if the fundamental problem is not dealt with.

Stress less

You may be running at one hundred miles per hour, and unfortunately most of us have jobs that require nothing less, but Rick Hay, Healthiest Nutritional Director warns that you shouldn’t overdo it in any sense. This includes over-training and over-stressing as this is bad news for your gut.

If you're wondering how to get a flatter belly, try these things


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